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Rise Up Home  Maintenance Dubai is the ultimate solution to all your Home repair services.



Plumbing Services

Rise Up Home Maintenance Dubai provides best plumbing services at best price.

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AC Maintenance

Our experts are ready to maintain and repair your AC at your doorsteps,

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Emergency Repair

Our professional is available 24×7 to provide you emergency services. 

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Water Pump Repair

We are professional to repair your water pumps at your doorsteps.

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Water Tank Cleaning

We offer the highest quality level of Water Tank Cleaning.

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Electrical Repair Service

Riseup Dubai offers the highest quality level of Electrical repair.

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Painting Services

We provide all types of painting services at best prices.

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Carpentry Services

We provide all type of carpentry services at best prices.

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Drain Blockage

Our Professional team is ready to release your blockage drains at best price.

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First Class Service Providers

Well come to RISE UP Home Maintenance. We offer Homeowners, tenants and Property managers a reliable & prompt service. 

Our aim is to provide our clients with a reliable and professional service. We provide a full range of maintenance services ranging from annual maintenance contracts to bathroom renovations.

We are not bound by time. Call us anytime and we will do our very best to reach you within the minimum possible time. You will find our workmen, reliable and courteous. We hold your comfort high and ensure that our employees are trained well to adhere to the etiquette that are desired in a home or office environment. You can even rely on them for maintenance tips and expert advice.

Plumbing Services

Nothing is worst then a leaked pipe hidden behind the wall or buried inside your floor. And a malfunctioned water pump cuts off your water supply, these all works come under the plumbing service. Don’t bother if you are an owner of any restaurant office or a house we work in all aspects. A simple leak or a blockage can ruined your life. Call RiseUP Dubai if such situation raised in your place our experienced team of plumber will be on your door step to fix a problem or install a new system.

AC Maintenance 

In hot and humid weather of Dubai and Middle East it is very difficult to survive without Air conditioning service. In these conditions Air conditioners needs regular AC Maintenance.

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    Water Tank Cleaning

    Your use able water is stored in Water tanks. Due to long time storing of water many micro-bacteria infest your tank which make the use able water polluted with micro-bacteria’s. Mostly water tankers are present in open spaces by which the sand and other debris enters the water tank which also infest the water tank.

     Obviously it is very difficult to clean the tanks by yourself. Rise UP Dubai provide you the facility of Water Tank Cleaning Service in very nominal price from high rise building to a domestic home and from a multi cuisine restaurant to a small enterprise. We not only clean your tank but also provide primitive service which make your water tank be cleaned for comparatively large time.

    Electrical Repair Service

    In the modern technical world the usage of electricity became a fundamental Human Right. In the modern and metropolitan city of Dubai where the automation and electronic system are evolving rapidly a small electrical failure make you fall in the Dark Age.


    A short circuit fails your whole system of electricity. Call our trained technicians that not only replace your home wiring but also apply some checks to prevent any future incident.

    Installation of Electrical Equipment’s:

    Hey! Pal congratulation on your new building. Want an electrician to install electrical equipment Call RiseUp Dubai.

    Painting Service

    Paint your house is just like to dress up your house. It not only increase your house beauty but also saves your from many pests and reptiles. Question is that how to paint and what to paint. Now a day’s multiple options are available in this scenario. But what is better can only be described a professional.


    After an underground Repair your office need to be looked clean. Why you don’t Call RISEUP Dubai they have a professional team of painters.

    Wall Papers:

    For your growing baby RiseUp suggest you to apply Wall paper.

    A person who worked a lot in the field of construction and beautification. Rise up Employees such people for you they not only know how to do but also know what is better to do. Is your room suitable for painting or a wall paper will be the better choice? They will guide you. You just need to ask about theme you want. Rest of the work is done by them and for sure you will be mesmerized.

    Carpentry Service

    Wood work is the symbol of elegance and beautification. A beautiful shelf in your office and a cupboard in your Kitchen definitely increase your impact. But the cleanliness and perfection needed to draw an impact.

    Office Shelving:

    Office Refurbishment is starting. Sir please place an over Head Shelf for file placement.

    Kitchen Cabinet:

    Hey! I need a wooden cabinet, Not this one. Call Rise UP they know my demands.

    Effective usage of wood is also very important. Proper segregation and usage of a small area to work high is the key factor. When you need to install any cupboard in your area you must be keenly observed about the place used and the benefits you would have to gain. For this venture it is advised to get our Carpentry Services.

    Emergency Repair

    In the dark hours of Night when you are in sound sleep, suddenly your AC stops Working. Hot and humid summer, All day Office Strain demands a sound sleep but what to do your AC is not working. In this situation you don’t need to worry.

    Emergency Repair:

    OH No! Today is my Birthday Party But the central AC of this Hall is not Working call riseup please.

    You Just need to call our 24/7 Help Line and within minutes our representative will be on your door step with complete equipment and accessories. After some time you will continue your sleep with a better AC working. Our emergency repair service is not expensive like others and we don’t demand extra charges for this service. We are for you and working is our passion.

    Water Pump Repair

    Your house or office water needs are majorly fulfilled by the water tank. And a single equipment that is responsible for the provision of water to this water tank is known as water pump. If your Water malfunctioned your water tank remain empty. Water is the basic need of every human being living on the earth weather he is living in a house running a restaurant or working in an office. You cannot able to survive with malfunctioned water pump.

    Water Pump Maintenance:

    All water used in your home or office are pumped by this. And you must need to maintain it consult With RiseUp Dubai.

    Water pump repair is not simple task. It is the combination of Electrical and mechanical technologies. To repair them we need specified technicians who are experienced with these machines. Luckily Rise UP Dubai has the workers worked many years working in with these equipment.

    Rise Up Home Maintenance  Dubai Special Offer This Month

    10% percent discount on all servces.